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Made in Scotland Magazine | Features | Welcome back...Justin Currie →

September 12th 2013: I had a chat with Del Amitri/solo singer-songwriter Justin Currie about his new album Lower Reaches and his ongoing solo tour, for Made In Scotland Magazine.

September 5th 2013: I Made A Video: BTCC 2013 Knockhill

I shot about half an hour of footage at Knockhill two weeks ago so I thought I’d cobble them together into something resembling a video. I even stole that one song off of the Gran Turismo 5 soundtrack so you know it’s about cars and that.

Newton Faulkner – Studio Zoo →

September 2nd 2013: “As if life wasn’t hard enough, you chose me,” goes the build up to the chorus on At The Seams. “Everywhere I look, I see you breaking my heart,” splutters Indecisive. Yep, this is Newton Faulkner when he’s having a down day. He’s curled up on the sofa with The Notebook and a share-size bar of Galaxy and nobody anything says is going to cheer him up.

Rick Ross – Barack Odama →

August 27th 2013: “In a sense, it’s difficult to ratify what makes this album enjoyable – yet on another level it’s extremely easy. The mixture which comes out of Rick Ross’ process is a precise piece of decomposition – an ethereal, abstract work of malfunctioning clockwork ticks and crackles.”

August 27th 2013: Knockhill British Touring Car Championship 2013

Went to Knockhill for the weekend and snapped the Touring Cars, Porsche Carrera Cup GB, British Formula Fords and Ginetta GTs/Juniors. More photos at better resolution on my Flickr.

In Dynamics – Circle EP →

August 20th 2013: Each of Circle‘s five songs are an electrifying mish-mash of pop-rock, alternative and post-hardcore punk infused with pure liquid energy. ‘Equal Ground’ explodes like a bomb in a power station, searing electricity blasting from each slashing, grunting chord and lightning-precise riff.”

Soft Arrows – Overlapping Lives →

August 20th 2013: Overlapping Lives might have been envisioned as something pushing through the sonic barriers of production to create ’real’ recordings but the output is whiny and unpleasant. The instrumentation sounds uncannily like it’s been assembled from the contents of a toolshed and performed during a controlled demolition.”

Review: SteamWorld Dig | Big Red Barrel →

August 16th 2013: "…soaked in the auras of the winds of the west and the dooming, dull rumbles of the world beneath the ground, painting the world as this tortured and torn old thing whose very core you’re drilling closer and closer to with each step you take."

Forest Fire – Screens →

August 15th 2013: “Screens occasionally comes across as a Seventies-infused idea of the “digital jazz” Jeff Bridges droned on about atop a computerised freight train in Tron Legacy. There’s just so many musical shapes and colours, man, dancing across the largely instrumental jaunt of ‘Passengers‘, soaking up its sunny disposition, and the dreamy bassline of ‘Monorail‘.”

Review: Worms 3 | Big Red Barrel →

August 12th 2013: You almost expect the kitchen sink to turn up as a weapon in Worms 3, the latest instalment in Team17’s invertebrate artillery series and the third on iOS.”