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The Thermals – Desperate Ground →

May 16th 2013: “The Thermals’ ability to hold a steady lo-fi power-punk tune is a blessing and a curse, as the telling of the tale becomes an endless ream of well-curated noise that blends from song to song. Save for a handful of standout songs, there’s very little here to keep you coming back for more.”

Eurovision Song Contest Malmo 2013: The Album →

May 10th 2013: “Eurovision is a bizarre creature which flounders from excellent to shit in a matter of minutes and 2013′s lineup is no different. In the end, it won’t matter much – the Eastern Bloc will team up and everybody else will inexplicably pick a power ballad to back. In our hearts, we’ll know which songs were the best. Bonnie Tyler’s isn’t one of them.”

Surprisingly, Real Racing 3 is a first place free-to-play champion | Big Red Barrel →

April 23rd 2013: RR3 gives us a little of what we need, lets us test the waters, then continuously rewards effort and time with just the right amount of money needed to continue. When we hit the inevitable wall, it doesn’t feel like much to ask to make that initial real investment in the game – and then it continues to give. And that’s what free-to-play should do: make us feel happy to spend our money rather than wrench it forcefully out of our unwanting hands.”

Bonobo – The North Borders →

April 23rd 2013: "This review could prattle on about Heaven For The Sinner, delivered like a sermon from a fragmented and corrupted god, or the one-two combo of Sapphire and Jets sounding like a lily flower’s journey through neo-age Asian suburbia. But to distill the state of utter purity the album contains would be to insult it.”

Telekinesis – Dormarion →

April 16th 2013: Gothic infusions can’t hide the fact that the record, as a whole, seems something of an unconscious alarm bell that it’s time for Telekinesis to move on from providing buzzy power-pop for a Scott Pilgrim generation.”

Drowning Pool – Resilience →

April 15th 2013: More intense than previous offerings and less Korny than the Bodies era band we’re solely able to recall, this is Pool filtrated and refined, 45 minutes of clean but intense metal. It threatens to mark a bold new age for a band once indirectly associated with torture at Guantanamo Bay.”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Barrowland, Glasgow – 25/3/2013 →

April 2nd 2013: “The blues might be passive and apathetic (at their worst) but the genre is one of unanimity and togetherness – something BRMC lacked in their performance. That they managed to put on the first gig I’ve ever managed to doze off at is another matter entirely.”

Senses Fail – Renacer →

March 27th 2013: "…the band has abandoned any pretence of emo, transforming into an unrecognisable post-hardcore outfit of dropped guitar tunings and growled vocals. More surprising than the total reconfiguration is how well they follow through on the reinvention.”

Margins – Divide →

March 13th 2013: “I were to have any beef with Divide, it’s that it doesn’t dare to go beyond what it knows. Post-rock shoegazing is all well and good but at times the proceedings can feel wanting, and the ease with which one track can fade into another is worrying. One for napping to on a starry night.”

Review: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance | Big Red Barrel →

March 7th 2013: Rising is a fantastic phoenix of a game, rising out of the ashes of a game that almost never was with stubborn tenacity and a fistful of brilliant ideas. It’s not perfect, but what is? And what else dares to be this exciting for just the right amount of time?”