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some thoughts on the toyota iq

I’ve been driving my iQ for a few weeks now and it’s safe to say I’m chuffed to bits with it. It’s a brilliant little car despite its limitations – provided you know what to expect. 

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toyota iq - first sun

Jon Brady’s Ten Rad Games of 2013 That Were Rad

Oh hey, guys, it’s 2014, when did this happen, when did I forget to write about videogames (sometime early in 2013, sorry everybody). I guess now is a pretty good time to start writing about games in 2013? Everybody loves a cool list article too so here are ten rad games from 2013 that were rad and I thought they were rad.

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BRB @ EGX 2013 →

October 2013: Eleven videos comprising BigRedBarrel’s coverage of the 2013 Eurogamer Expo - Xbox, PlayStation and extensive coverage of the Oculus Rift, Virtuix Omni, Titanfall and Dying Light.

Retrospective: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros | Big Red Barrel →

"In this, the Year of Luigi, it’s your civil duty not to ignore the other Mario brother – if you need a fix of Ole Green Shirt ’N Dungarees you can’t go wrong with Luigi’s Mansion 2. As for Dream Team Bros: cutesy, innovative ideas couldn’t stave off the inevitable effects of a flawed template – and now that Mario & Luigi has been overshadowed by a certain other RPG on the 3DS there’s little here to keep you entertained.”

Review: F1 2013 | Big Red Barrel →

"For the already-familiar, F1 2013 has plenty to offer. The Classic content should have been better utilised, but the pull of older cars, legendary drivers and additional circuits does come with its own sparkling golden allure. This is, as F1 games go, the absolute definitive article, a super-refined race machine of past and present."

October 3rd 2013: StickTwiddlers Eurogamer Party 2013 Photos

Photos I done did for the StickTwiddlers Eurogamer Expo party at the Pembroke. Featuring: drinks, people, cosplay, games, raffles for gaming charity SpecialEffect. Top shelf.

Preview: F1 2013 | Big Red Barrel →

October 2nd, 2013: F1 2013 is out in a few days! Last week I quizzed one of the game’s designers on the new-old Classic content and went hands-on across decades of F1 racing.

September 27th 2013: Video: BigRedBarrel Goes To MCM Scotland

This is a little late in coming out but I went to MCM Scotland in August without really knowing how to cover a comic-con. This is a video of my experience.

Future of the Left – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident →

September 23rd 2013: How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident has a few things to say about us all. That we’re stupid. We’re chest-thumping sexually motivated animals. The modern world is turning us into drooling trend followers. Future of the Left’s opinions cut through the air with razor-edge severity…”